Welcome at the information site on work perfomed in PT1604!

PT1604 is is a project team funded by the EC under grant agreement SA/CEN/ENTR/453/2011-39.

Some news related to the work of PT1604 are presented below. In general, news on cooperative ITS are presented at News.

In case you want to contact PT1604, please send us an email, or call us at +49 7344 175340 or at +43 316 306716.


Following the CEN TC278 WG16 / ISO TC204 WG18 meeting in Oslo this month, the editor of TS 18750 has implemented the final agreed changes and forwarded the draft to CEN and ISO to start the final ballot procedure.

PT1604 had a working session in Paris at MinesTech to prepare a final draft as input to the meeting of DT3 in Oslo in May 2014.

PT1604/CEN TC278 DT3 had a comment resolution meeting in Berlin.

TS 18750 was sent to "comment-only" ballot. Available comments will be resolved at the meeting in Berlin on 19. February 2014.

Within only 3 months time, PT1604 has produced the comment-only ballot version of TS 18750. The draft together with the Interim report is sent to CEN.

The next face-to-face meeting of PT1604 is scheduled for the second week of December 2013 in San Diego / California.

ETSI TC ITS WG1 STF 448 resolved the comments from PT1604 and several other comments on draft EN 302 895. ETSI TC ITS started a four week remote consensus ballot procedure prior to starting EN public enquiry. This allows PT1604 to carefully check again the final version of EN 302 895, as the two LDM standards (EN 302 895 and TS 18750 - also to be converted into EN) must not be conflicting.

PT1604 and CEN TC278 WG16 DT3 / ISO TC204 WG18 DT3 approved a set of 17 change requests for draft ETSI EN 302 895 (LDM for usage in vehicles - CAM and DENM storage).

PT1604 will have a workshop on LDM at Peek Traffic in Amersfoort on 24. September 2013.

PT1604 gave a presentation on LDM at the University of Budapest.

PT1604 will have its second technical session close to Ulm / Germany from 30. September through 3. October 2013

PT1604 will meet IEEE 1609 working group in Annapolis this month. Topic to be discussed is to which extend an LDM is of interest for IEEE, and how a harmonized approach can be achieved.

PT1604 will have its first technical session in Graz / Austria from 5. through 9. August 2013.

Creation of this web site.

ETSI TC ITS also develops an LDM standard (EN 302 985) in STF 448 funded under EC/EFTA contract SA/ETSI/EN TR/453/2011-07. The approach of STF 448 is restricted to an in-vehicle LDM for road safety applications, storing only CAM and DENM in the LDM (potential future extensions are indicated).

The design goal of PT1604 is to cover all functionality of EN 302 895 in their TS 18750. Further on the scope of PT1604 and TS 18750 is considering the global requirements, various implementation contexts, and unlimited data dictionaries and spatial reference systems. Note that TS 18750 also will be upgraded to an EN immediately after publication of TS 18750.